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Monthly Archives: August 2016


This is Rhonda’s Story ♥️

“I could forget about the time he threw a freshly boiled kettle at my back. Forget about the time he threw me through a sliding glass door. Forget about the time he dragged me out […]


This is Michelle’s Story ♥️

“It’s amazing how one human could destroy so many lives, yet still be allowed to roam free – preying on his next victim”. Domestic violence survivor Michelle. Michelle hopes her journey from abuse will save […]


This is Janette’s Story ♥️

“I became a beautiful doormat. One that was downtrodden over and over. But things would improve. I just had to try harder. Work harder. Be better. Clean better. Cook better. Offer sex more. Turn a […]


This is Lauren’s Story ♥️

“I know he will come undone eventually. I just have to wait it out until he does and hope and pray that my baby and myself don’t end up as a statistic in the meantime”. Domestic […]


This is Jasmine’s Story ♥️

“At times it can be dark again and I reflect on what I went through, but I’m one of the lucky ones. I still have my life and I am thankful for that everyday”. Domestic […]


This is Kaitlin’s Story ♥️

“Just stay positive and don’t give up. These assholes won’t get to us – we are warriors”. Domestic violence survivor Kaitlin. Young mum Kaitlin is the Why I Stayed project’s youngest contributor  ♥️ He was my first […]


This is Natasha’s Story ♥️

“When he was angry you could see his eyes glaze over, they changed and just looked black”. Domestic violence survivor Natasha. Natasha’s still trying to find the woman she was before abuse ♥️ I never thought this […]