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Monthly Archives: September 2016


This is Keelie’s Story ♥️

“If I said I was a bit sad, I was told I had postnatal depression and needed medication and this is why he hurt us. If I said I felt tired, I was told I […]


This is Larissa’s Story

“Today I still carry the scars of the abuse, some visible, some not so obvious. These scars are a reminder of who I was and who I am now – a stronger woman, a police […]


This is Elenka’s Story ♥️

“He had managed to hold me down and sexually assaulted me and walked off.I sat there crying and wondering ‘why?”. -Domestic violence survivor Elenka. Elenka hopes her children will one day leave behind the scars […]


This is Michelle S’ Story ♥️

“When these violent incidents happened, they were followed by very believable apologies.  At the time, I believed these apologies, believed these incidents were alcohol-fuelled and I also believed he loved me and that I loved […]


This is Vicky & Shell’s story ♥️

“I have an unrelenting inner voice I constantly hear asking the questions that haunts me like “but what if I?”, “what if we?”, “maybe I should of?” Guilt is a firm friend of that inner […]


This is Michelle’s Story ♥️

“… the threats with weapons became another alternative for him to overpower me. If that didn’t work then the physical side would appear – running me off the road by car, strangulation, punching me in […]


This is Jenny’s Story ♥️

“I was horrified, my workplace and  my phone number were given to all these men and they were coming into work as I had supposedly offered them my sexual services. I was receiving revolting pictures […]


This is Liz’s Story ♥️

“… next thing I knew I was up against the door with my throat in his hands, trying desperately to get free. In the struggle, I broke my toe trying to kick him to get […]


This is Christine’s Story ♥️

“I wanted to tell my story to help others”. Domestic violence survivor Christine. Christine hopes her story will help others understand how violence can ruin lives ♥️ I couldn’t be a victim … or could […]


This is Karen’s Story ♥️

“When I hear a couple arguing or hear a raised male voice, I freeze.  I wait for the violence to start. I become almost catatonic, stressed out and very anxious”. Domestic violence survivor Karen. Karen dedicates […]


This is Lauren’s Story ♥️

“The physical abuse escalated slowly. He started off by pushing and shoving me. He thought nothing of shoving me into a wall or pushing me so I would fall backwards onto the bed. He would […]


This is Sandy’s Story ♥️

“I want other women to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it does flicker a bit sometimes”. Domestic violence survivor Sandy. Sandy hopes one day soon she will […]