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This is Ros & Barb’s story ♥️

“Queensland State Member for Mudgeeraba Ros Bates’ father subjected Ros, her two sisters and her mother Barb to 35 years of extreme domestic violence. Ros bravely relived her abusive childhood when she delivered two speeches […]


This is Larissa’s Story

“Today I still carry the scars of the abuse, some visible, some not so obvious. These scars are a reminder of who I was and who I am now – a stronger woman, a police […]


This is Vicky & Shell’s story ♥️

“I have an unrelenting inner voice I constantly hear asking the questions that haunts me like “but what if I?”, “what if we?”, “maybe I should of?” Guilt is a firm friend of that inner […]


This is Lauren’s Story ♥️

“The physical abuse escalated slowly. He started off by pushing and shoving me. He thought nothing of shoving me into a wall or pushing me so I would fall backwards onto the bed. He would […]


This is Brenda’s Story ♥️

You can hit me and emotionally abuse me, take everything from me,  but you will never take my soul –  that will always be mine. – Domestic violence survivor Brenda. Brenda only became truly free when […]