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This is Nicole’s story ♥️

Survivor Nicole Blachut’s letter to political leaders and community leaders about the impacts of domestic violence on victims and the need for a tougher approach towards perpetrators. With all due respect, it’s time to stand […]


This is Ros & Barb’s story ♥️

“Queensland State Member for Mudgeeraba Ros Bates’ father subjected Ros, her two sisters and her mother Barb to 35 years of extreme domestic violence. Ros bravely relived her abusive childhood when she delivered two speeches […]


This is Tracey’s story ♥️

“The words, the actions, the pain, sometimes it all blurs into one and when it hits, it’s like a wave – a smash to the chest with instant pain and tears.” – Domestic violence survivor […]


This is Suzie’s Story ♥️

“We were together for thee-and-a-half months, most of which was mental torture.” – Domestic violence survivor Suzie. Suzie tells her story to shine a light on abuse in polyamorous relationships ♥️ Behind my happy life is a dark […]


This is Rachael’s Story

“He waited until I was fully locked in to the relationship and giving my whole heart when he slowly began to withdraw, criticise, isolate, control and manipulate me”. Domestic violence survivor Rachael. Rachael believes everyone […]


This is Emma’s Story ♥️

“I thought I was being strong by enduring this life. I was wrong, I found my strength the day I walked out the door and drove my daughter away from a life of sexism, alcoholism […]


This is Helen’s Story ♥️

“There were days when things were good at home – sometimes. But for the life of me I can’t remember many. The feelings I get even now at 85 mostly fill me with terror”. Domestic violence […]


This is Katie’s Story ♥️

“If you’re in an abusive relation do not ever think you need to stay for any reason. Do not ever let anyone tell you that they know you better then you know yourself – that’s […]


This is Keelie’s Story ♥️

“If I said I was a bit sad, I was told I had postnatal depression and needed medication and this is why he hurt us. If I said I felt tired, I was told I […]


This is Larissa’s Story

“Today I still carry the scars of the abuse, some visible, some not so obvious. These scars are a reminder of who I was and who I am now – a stronger woman, a police […]


This is Elenka’s Story ♥️

“He had managed to hold me down and sexually assaulted me and walked off.I sat there crying and wondering ‘why?”. -Domestic violence survivor Elenka. Elenka hopes her children will one day leave behind the scars […]


This is Michelle S’ Story ♥️

“When these violent incidents happened, they were followed by very believable apologies.  At the time, I believed these apologies, believed these incidents were alcohol-fuelled and I also believed he loved me and that I loved […]