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This is Vicky & Shell’s story ♥️

“I have an unrelenting inner voice I constantly hear asking the questions that haunts me like “but what if I?”, “what if we?”, “maybe I should of?” Guilt is a firm friend of that inner […]


This is Michelle’s Story ♥️

“… the threats with weapons became another alternative for him to overpower me. If that didn’t work then the physical side would appear – running me off the road by car, strangulation, punching me in […]


This is Jenny’s Story ♥️

“I was horrified, my workplace and  my phone number were given to all these men and they were coming into work as I had supposedly offered them my sexual services. I was receiving revolting pictures […]


This is Liz’s Story ♥️

“… next thing I knew I was up against the door with my throat in his hands, trying desperately to get free. In the struggle, I broke my toe trying to kick him to get […]


This is Christine’s Story ♥️

“I wanted to tell my story to help others”. Domestic violence survivor Christine. Christine hopes her story will help others understand how violence can ruin lives ♥️ I couldn’t be a victim … or could […]


This is Karen’s Story ♥️

“When I hear a couple arguing or hear a raised male voice, I freeze.  I wait for the violence to start. I become almost catatonic, stressed out and very anxious”. Domestic violence survivor Karen. Karen dedicates […]


This is Lauren’s Story ♥️

“The physical abuse escalated slowly. He started off by pushing and shoving me. He thought nothing of shoving me into a wall or pushing me so I would fall backwards onto the bed. He would […]


This is Sandy’s Story ♥️

“I want other women to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it does flicker a bit sometimes”. Domestic violence survivor Sandy. Sandy hopes one day soon she will […]


This is Cindy’s Story ♥️

“In the midst of all the turmoil I decided I was going to survive all of this, I was going to study and help women who had survived domestic violence”. Domestic violence survivor Cindy.  Cindy is […]


This is Karla’s Story ♥️

“He didn’t kill me, he did not ruin me, and in the end he just made me stronger, not harder, just stronger”. Domestic violence survivor Karla. Karla believes every woman has the strength to break […]


This is Catherine’s Story

I had no one to call. No one to hold my hand and be by my side as I was told that one of the babies had died and the other’s heart beat was weak, […]


This is Caroline’s Story ♥️

I finally and only very recently have I been able to look him in the eye without feeling any anxiety to tell him he is an abuser and needs to be held accountable for his […]