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This is Erin’s Story ♥️

After 10 years of torture and belittlement I am free. We are happy, we are a family, we are healing and we are learning to live without abuse and violence. Domestic violence survivor Erin. Young mum […]


This is Brie’s Story ♥️

In three years of abuse not one person called the police when I screamed for help, not one person.  Please speak up if you see something that is not right. You might just save a […]


This is Lani’s Story ♥️

If my story can help one person get the strength to get out that it is well worth it. If this true story of my nightmare can help others see the signs of someone they […]


This is Brenda’s Story ♥️

You can hit me and emotionally abuse me, take everything from me,  but you will never take my soul –  that will always be mine. – Domestic violence survivor Brenda. Brenda only became truly free when […]


This is EJ’s Story ♥️

When I spoke to him later on about it (the rape), his response was ‘you should have kept your legs shut then’ and then he tried to suggest a time when I had done the […]


This is Linda’s Story ♥️

“My lessons and learning’s from the dark times of my life are also my gifts, my light, my strengths that are to be shared, used to guide others so that my voice after so many […]


This is Kym’s Story ♥️

“My abuser was placed on a good behavior bond – that means he can contact me as he pleases and he can locate me if he feels the urge. The thought of this just scares […]


This is Darcia’s Story ♥️

“I had a very disconnected relationship with my Dad. It was different to my sisters. He would look at me different. I was the one always getting into trouble – half the time not even […]


This is Anita’s Story ♥️

“I was trapped underneath his body, his hands around my neck, thumbs slowly making it hard for me to breathe. I tried yelling, but he had control of my voice. His body was too heavy […]


This is Kerri’s Story ♥️

“Domestic violence should not be endured alone. You are not alone. Support is there. Do it for yourself because you are worthy of love and happiness. Reach out. It may just save your life”. – Domestic […]


This is Katie’s Story ♥️

“He would hold me up by his one hand, around my neck. My feet would no longer touch the ground, my face would turn  purple, I couldn’t breathe. I told myself this is the last […]


This is Rhonda’s Story ♥️

“I could forget about the time he threw a freshly boiled kettle at my back. Forget about the time he threw me through a sliding glass door. Forget about the time he dragged me out […]