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The story behind The RED HEART Campaign

The RED HEART Campaign is the work of Australian journalist Sherele Moody. Sherele started The RED HEART Campaign in September, 2015, after spending 12 months reporting on Australia’s domestic violence epidemic. Choosing the red heart as a symbol of strength, hope and survival, Sherele wanted to give domestic violence victims and survivors an easy-to-access platform to share their stories of survival, receive social support and be kept up to date with the latest news and views of domestic violence.

The RED HEART Campaign also encourages supporters of victims and survivors to don a red heart to show their solidarity with those who survive intimate partner violence, domestic violence and familial child abuse and to commemorate the memories of Australians murdered by their partners, former partners of family members. Since starting The RED HEART Campaign, more than 200 stories of survival have been shared through the Our Hearts, Our Stories project, the Your Words are a Weapon project, the Courage t♥️ Call campaign and the Why I Stayed Project. The RED HEART Campaign has one public Facebook page, two private social support groups, this website and Instagram and Twitter feeds.

About the Why I Stayed project

The RED HEART Campaign’s, Why I Stayed project, is Australia’s only publicly accessible archive of domestic violence stories and survivor portraits. The Why I Stayed project allows incredibly brave warriors to tell their stories of strength and survival in their own words. By publishing their portraits alongside each story, the Why I Stayed project shows the community that domestic violence impacts everyone, regardless of age, colour, ethnic background, religion, socio-economic status or sexuality.

Having the chance to share their story, validates each Warrior’s experience of abuse and survival, empowers them to move forward and helps them let women in domestic violence crisis know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that they too can break free. You can find the Why I Stayed survivor stories here>>. If you want to take part in the Why I Stayed project please contact us here >>